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International Alumni Spotlight

This is Arthur Kaneko, from the class of 2009. Arthur grew up in Japan with Japanese and Chinese parents. He attended The Thacher School in Southern California, and later studied International Relations and Economics at Stanford. He joined the Venture Capital Firm DCM Ventures, where he worked with early-stage start-ups in the U.S., Japan and China. He is currently CEO of RealScout, a leading PropTech company helping residential real estate professionals work collaboratively on buy/sell transactions with their clients - through innovative experiences and powerful data.

His inspiration stems from the understanding of how diversity of people, thought, and experiences leads to success: “Whether you work/live in an inherently international environment or a domestic one, the value and satisfaction that stems from acting on this understanding is undeniable. I think I've been trying to maximize this potential every step of the way.” He advises students to learn to be an excellent communicator: “learn to communicate well with audiences of various backgrounds and all walks of life.”

Connect with Arthur on the Stanford Alumni Mentoring (SAM) platform at #InternationalAlumni

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