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About Us

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Change is Happening: A Connections Story

At BEAM, connections are the heart of our model. By empowering connections, we create a culture of happenstance to help bridge students' education, ambition, and meaningful work. Watch the opportunities that happenstance can lead to when Jacklyn, a recent Stanford graduate and former Senior class president, connects with Bridget, an employer and Stanford Alumna.  

Welcome to BEAM, Stanford Career Education! 

Career educators at BEAM connect with students in appointments and meetups to help them explore career paths, identify and apply for opportunities, and cultivate personalized networks that shape their professional journey. Students are encouraged to take advantage of customized Venture Events, join industry treks in the Bay Area and around the U.S., and network with one of the 1200+ alumni in the Stanford Alumni Mentoring (SAM) program. This year, BEAM launched Handshake, an online platform that connects students with a diverse range of employers, events, and opportunities. BEAM's programs and resources are designed to empower students to transform their education and ambitions into meaningful work.

What is Meaningful Work? 

The core of our career education model embodies meaningful work. The phrase “meaningful work” means different things to different people. It is work that adds value, significance, and purpose to an individual’s life. It is customizable and unique to every individual that aligns with the true interests, values, and skills of that individual. Meaningful work could include: 

  • Work that brings a positive sense of self
  • Work that is engaging and exciting
  • Work that brings a sense of balance

Scholars have researched meaningful work and you can read more in depth:

Chalofsky, N. (2003). An emerging construct for meaningful work. Human Resource Development International, 6:1, 69-83.
Rosso, B., Dekas, K., & Wrzesniewski, A. (2010). On the meaning of work: A theoretical integration and review: Research in Organizational Behavior, 30, 91-127. 


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Our Vision

Students transform their education and ambitions into meaningful work over the course of their lifetime.

Read about Vision 2020 and our new connections model. 


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Our Mission

We empower students to cultivate personalized networks that shape their professional journey. 



                              Our Values

agile      collaborative     daring      focused  positive