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BEAM in the Field

The team at BEAM is always thinking about the evolving nature of finding meaningful work. Below is a sampling of our team's publications and conference presentations in career education. Interested in learning more? Contact Us!






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Conference Presentations 


Johnson, J. (2018). Transitioning into Career Success: A Grounded Study on the Lifewide Learning Experiences of Successful High Potential Individuals in Early Adulthood. Prestened at Adult Education Research Conference (AERC) in Victoria, British Columbia (received the Graduate Research Paper Award) – Conference proceedings of the paper presented can be found here:

O'Neill, J. (2018). Using Design Thinking to Rebuild First Year Career Education. Presented at the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Conference, New Orleans, LA

O'Neill, J. (2018). Innovations in Career Services. Panelist at the Southwestern Business Deans Association Conference, Santa Fe, NM


Seminar coordinator, Connected Academics Career Development Boot Camp, Modern Language Association Conference, New York, NY  


Bakker, A (2017). Technical & Specialized Consulting. Panel moderator at Beyond Academia, Berkeley, CA

Bakker, A (2017). Higher Education. Panelist and moderator at Beyond Academia, Berkeley, CA

Bakker, A (2017). PhD Pathways Conference, Presentation, Graduate Career Consortium Conference, Houston TX

Chen, H.L. & Patel, S.J. Portfolio to Professional: Supporting Graduate Students Using Digital, Evidence-based Storytelling. Presented in the ePortfolio Forum at the Association of American Colleges & Universities Annual Meeting (2017), San Francisco, CA.

Golde, C. (2017). Learning from recent initiatives in graduate education. Presented at The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine’s Revitalizing Graduate STEM Education for the 21st Century Committee Meeting, Washington, D.C.

Golde, C. (2017) Jumpstart Your Academic Job Search, poster presentation, Graduate Career Consortium Conference, Houston TX

Golde, C. (2017) Networking for Academic and Professional Success, workshop presentation, Institute for Science and Technology Austria, Klosterneuburg, Austria

Golde, C. (2017) Key note speaker, “Promising Practices in Supporting Graduate and Professional Students.” Washington University-St. Louis, St Louis MO  

Paspa, P. (2017). Transformative Connections: Building Engaged Career Communities.  Future of Work Pre-Symposium, Stanford, CA.

Paspa, P. & Nobles, K.  (2017). Daring Greatly: Cultivating Courageous Career Educators. Future of Work Pre-Symposium, Stanford CA.

Patel, S. & Chen, H. L. (2017). ePortfolios in the Digital Ecosystem. Association for Authentic, Experiential, and Evidence-based Learning (AAEEBL), Portland, OR.

Patel , S. (2017). Experiential Branding for Gen Z in Career Services. Future of Work Pre-Symposium, Stanford, CA.

Santiago, E. (2017). Advancing People of Color: Inspiring Inclusion in Career Services. Presented at the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Conference, Las Vegas, NV.


Bakker, A (2016). Hiring and Training PhDs: The Employer Perspective. Panel moderator at Graduate Career Consortium (GCC) conference, Berkeley, CA.

Bakker, A (2016). Ask me anything! Panel of Experts. Panel moderator at Graduate Career Consortium (GCC) pre-conference, Berkeley, CA.

Paspa, P.K. (2016). Resume Lab. The Watermark Conference for Women Career Pavilion, San Jose, CA.

Santiago, E. (2016). Celebrating Leaders of Color in Career Services: Stories and Strategies for Success. Presented at the Mountain Pacific Association of Colleges and Employers (MPACE) Conference, Denver, CO.

Santiago, E. (2016). Women Advancement in Career Services: Stories and Strategies for Success. Presented at the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Conference, Chicago, IL.

Santiago, E. (2016). Marketing Handshake to Employers Students. Presented at the Handshake User Conference, Chicago, IL.


Bakker, A (2015). Building career connections candidly, frequently and early on. Roundtable discussion at Graduate Career Consortium (GCC) conference, New York, NY

Bakker, A (2015). University Administration. Panelist and moderator at Beyond Academia, Berkeley, CA

D'Andria, J. (2015). The Recruiters Perspective. Panelist at Beyond Academia, Berkeley, CA.

Dey, F. (2014 & 2015). Future Trends in College Career Services. Keynote address at conferences in the US and around the world, including: CareerCon European Career Centers Conference in Vienna, Eurotech Universities Alliance in Munich, Recruiting Solutions Conference in Chicago, Midwest-ACE in Chicago, FL-ACE in St. Augustine, CCSA in Boulder, GCSA in St. Louis, OCDA in Portland, Fullbridge Online Conference, and Internbridge Online Career Conference.

Nobles, K., Reynolds, S., Chapman, V. & Perez, J. (2015). Best Practices Panel: Career Peer Ambassador Programs. Presented at National Career Development Association (NCDA) Conference, Denver, CO.

Patel, S. & Kim, Y. (2015). We Know Why Women are not Staying in Advertising, Now What Will We Do about It? Keeping Female Students in the Advertising Industry. Presented at the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, San Francisco, CA.


Nobles, K. & Angle, R. (2014). Career Services and New Student Orientation: Creating a High Impact Presentation. Presented at the Southern Association of Colleges and Employers (SoACE) Conference, New Orleans, LA.

Nobles, K. & Gomez, E. (2014). Connecting Students to Career Exploration Through Blogging. Presented at the National Career Development Association (NCDA) Conference, Long Beach, CA.

O'Neill, J., Murphy, J. & Carpenter, A. (2014). Kiss Workshops Goodbye: New Directions for Delivering Content. Presented at the American College Personnel Association (ACPA), Indianapolis, IN.

Patel, S. & Chan, L. (2014). Still Talking to Gen Y?  Adapting Career Center and Recruiter Brand Strategy for the Coming Generational Shifts. Presented at the Mountain Pacific Association of Colleges and Employers (MPACE), San Francisco, CA. 


Nobles, K. (2013). Three Capabilities of Innovation. Keynote at The Innovation Forum for Career Services, Raleigh, NC.

Nobles, K & Miller, G.A. (2013). Career Services Innovation: A Study & Dialog. Presented at the National Association for Colleges and Employers (NACE) Conference, Orlando, FL.

Nobles, K & Miller, G.A. (2013). Innovation Trends in Career Services. Presented for National Association for Colleges and Employers (NACE) online webinar.

Nobles, K & Gist, J. (2013). The Passionless Job Search: Finding Your Fit.  Presented at the North Carolina Association for Colleges and Employers (NCACE) Conference, Blowing Rock, NC.

Principal, B. & Santiago, E. (2013). Strategies to Help Students Get the Most from their LinkedIn Experience. Presented at the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Social Media Mashup, San Jose, CA.


Alpert, B. (2012). College and University Leader Behavior: Facilitating an Effective Response to and Recovery from Disaster. Presented at the Annual Conference of the Strategic Horizon Community College Consortium. Ann Arbor, MI.

Nobles, K. & Miller, G.A. (2012). Innovation in Career Services.  Presented at Southern Association of Colleges and Employers (SoACE) Conference, St. Petersburg, FL.

Nobles, K. (2012). How to Use Branding & Design to Boost Your Career Services. Presented at North Carolina Association of Colleges and Employers (NCACE) Conference, Wilmington, NC.



Paspa, P. (2017). Career Community Cohort: Engineering Masters’ Students. NACE Member's Choice Award Finalist


Patel, S. (2016). Experiential Branding: Transforming Career Education, NACE/Chevron Award Winner, NACE, Chicago, IL