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Career Catalysts

Career Catalyst is BEAM's Diversity Team! Our mission is to ensure that Stanford's students from diverse communities feel heard, supported, and included in everything that BEAM does. Regardless of a student's combination of identities and experiences, we are working to ensure that they feel like they belong. 

Joslyn Johnson

Joslyn Johnson (She, Her, Hers)
Assistant Dean of Career Education & Associate Director of Career Catalysts

Joslyn primarily serves as a connector for students, ensuring that they have equitable opportunities through career programming focused on the intersection of diversity, inclusion, and belonging. She has been working in higher education for 8+ years and has established a history of pioneering programs that champion diversity, education, and student development. Through her experience, she has had the unique opportunity to view higher education from multiple perspectives; including student affairs, academic affairs, and recruitment. Her most recent research focused on how life-wide learning experiences served as shaping factors in the career success of high potential young adults. Joslyn received her Ph.D. in Education from Texas State University, an M.A. in Human Resources Development from Midwestern State University and her B.A.A in Broadcasting and Cinematic Arts from Central Michigan University.

Primarily serves the African American community, Latinx Community, and women community.
Liaison: Black Community Services Center, El Centro - Chicano y Latino, and Women's Community Center

Megan Dino

Megan Dino (She, Her, Hers)
Assistant Director of Career Catalysts

Megan brings experience from public and private sectors prior to working in higher education. She most recently designed career programming via employer networking and coaching for over 3,000 College of Business students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, preparing them for positions in financial services, technology, consulting, and marketing. Prior to career services, Megan led the marketing, operations, and guest services teams of a joint venture between the University of Illinois and Fox-Atkins Development, LLC at the UI Research Park. She has also worked in the tech sector overseeing government accounts including NASA, the Department of Energy labs, U.S. Army, and the CDC. Megan earned her Ed.M. in Education Policy and B.S. in Management-Entrepreneurship from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Focus: Increasing diversity, equity, and access in Tech, Banking, and Consulting industries.

Jenny Roxas

Jenny Roxas (She, Her, Hers)
Assistant Director of Career Catalysts

Jenny Roxas is proud to be the first in her family to go to college to attain a B.A. in Anthropology, with a Certificate in Applied Cultural Anthropology and a minor in Italian from California State University, Chico. After graduating, she worked with probationers, foster youth, the gang-affiliated, and undocumented high school students which led her to pursue an M.S.  in Student Affairs and Higher Education at Indiana State University. Currently, she helps students define and explore what meaningful work is for themselves. She specifically serves first-generation and/or low-income (FLI) students as well as the Asian, Pacific Islander, Desi-American (APIDA) community at the intersection of identity and career development. She utilizes the Stanford Alumni Mentoring program to connect students with alumni with similar backgrounds and experiences.

Primarily serves first-generation and/or low-Income (FLI) community and the Asian, Pacific Islander, Desi American (APIDA) community.
Liaison: Asian American Activities Center, and FLI Office