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10 Jobs in 10 Weeks

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This course is designed to give students a taste of 10 career fields in 10 weeks. Each week features alumni from a different industry, who share about their work, lead a hands-on project pulled from their typical workday, and host Q&A.

Week 9

People Operations Jenilee Deal, Netflix | Ashley Chinn, Chan Zuckerburg Initiative

Week 8

Product Alex Scully, SAP | Katie Chabolla, AirBNB

Week 7

Corporate Social ResponsibilityJessica Weare, Microsoft | Valerie Bellanda, ICA Fund Good Jobs

Week 6

Consumer Packaged Goods Pam Geist, Proctor & Gamble | Jacqueline Klein, Clorox

Week 5

Public Policy Lisa Quan, San Francisco District Attorney's Office | Peter Radu, City of Berkeley

Week 4

Venture Capital Anarghya Vardhana, Maveron | Charles Hudson, Precursor Ventures

Week 3

Entertainment Tiffany Hawthorne, NBCUniversal | Jessica Murphy, NBCUniversal | Chris Dickie, Blumhouse Television

Week 2

Publishing and Journalism Christina Amini, Chronicle Books | Blake Montgomery, Buzzfeed

Week 1

Tech for Non-tech Gus Horwith, Google | Laura Mesa, Facebook