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Recruiting Guidelines

Stanford University is committed to diversity and inclusivity in all hiring and employment practices. BEAM, Stanford Career Education, aims to create an environment in which students are educated and supported in order to make informed employment decisions, and in which employers experience a fair recruiting environment.

All employment professionals participating in Campus Recruiting this includes BEAM employer connection events, Handshake postings, employer information sessions, on-campus interviews, off-campus interviews, meetups, coffee chats and other informal networking  or any type of virtual recruiting events must abide by a framework of professionally accepted recruiting, interviewing, selection, and offer practices as specified in:

Third-Party Recruiters

Stanford Career Education asks third-party recruiters to review and follow the Principles for Third-Party Recruiters set forth by NACE.

Offer Policies & Guidelines

Stanford University is on the quarter system and begins classes in late September. The academic calendar for current and future years is available here. While we understand that companies, organizations, and employers have internal hiring needs and timelines, Stanford University students are encouraged to participate in fall on-campus recruitment activities prior to accepting or declining any offers so they have ample information to reach employment decisions.

All offers should be extended to the student in writing, including compensation, the role for which the student will be hired, start (and end date for internships) of employment, benefits and any other pertinent details of employment before the student is able to consider the offer.

By participating in campus recruiting activities at Stanford, employers are agreeing to the following offer extension requirements and acceptance timelines (timeline begins after student receives the offer in writing):

Type of Offer

Timing for Student Decisions

Full-Time and Internship Offers received from on-campus recruiting activities and/or the completion of an internship that took place prior to the Fall Quarter

November 15, or 2 weeks from written offer (whichever is later)

Full-Time and Internship Offers received from on-campus recruiting activities and events that took place during the Fall Quarter

November 15, or 2 weeks from written offer (whichever is later)

Full-Time and Internship Offers received during the Winter or Spring Quarter from campus recruiting activities and events

Given 2 weeks

Exploding Offers (a job offer that is retracted if not accepted in a very short period of time): Please note that exploding offers are not permitted by Stanford University.

BEAM advises students of these recruiting guidelines and asks that they contact BEAM should they have any questions or concerns.  Employers who do not follow these guidelines increase the risk of students reneging on offers, risk negatively impacting their brand within the student community, and will face restrictions on future participation in Campus Recruiting activities at Stanford.

BEAM strongly encourages students to communicate professionally and honestly with potential employers regarding their true status in recruitment (pending offers, career trajectory, degree-level).  Students who renege on offers where employers have followed all recruiting policies and guidelines are subject to restrictions from on campus recruiting activities.

Student questions or support contact:

Employer questions or support contact: