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Faculty Job Search programs in Summer 2018

Are you a PhD or Postdoc about to enter the job market for a faculty position? It’s time to prepare yourself and your application materials. This summer, BEAM offers programs in two formats: a weekly series (July & August) and a week-long boot camp (September).

Accelerate Your Academic Job Search
Tuesdays, 3:30 – 5:30 pm, July 17 – Aug. 28

Seven session series to get you started on your faculty job search materials.  Sign up for each session in Handshake. Attend the entire series and receive a free copy of the “Academic Job Search Handbook.”


Job Search Overview & Analyzing Job Postings (7/17) This session provides an overview of the academic job search process, the typical timeline, and all of the written and verbal components. You will search for postings in your field and learn to analyze job postings. How will you manage your time? Who can assist you along the way? (Primary Presenter: Chris Golde, BEAM)

CV Lab (7/24) Your CV is one of the most important documents you create for the job search. We will review features of effective CVs, and then we will work together to improve your CV. Bring your laptop and a printed copy of your CV. You will get feedback from peers and coaches. (Primary Presenters: Chris Golde & Urmila Venkatesh, BEAM)

Presenting a Memorable Academic Job Talk (7/31) The Research Job Talk is often considered the most important part of the campus visit. Unlike a presentation at a conference, you are describing your work, and also providing a vision of your future. The Job Talk also introduces you as a teacher. In this session we will learn a recommended structure for your talk. You will also practice speaking confidently. We will also discuss what makes effective presentation slides. (Primary Presenter: Helen Lie, Oral Communication Program)

Writing Compelling Teaching Documents (8/7) What makes an effective teaching statement? You will review examples of statements from successful job seekers. You will begin to identify the points you want to make and the examples you want to use. We will also discuss how to provide "evidence of teaching excellence" and succeeding at the "teaching demonstration." (Primary Presenter: Chris Golde, BEAM)

Crafting a Pursuasive Research Statement (8/14) This session is focused on the Research Statement. This document is required at research-focused, and sometimes also at teaching-focused universities. You will learn about what makes an effective statement and have the opportunity to get started on your own. (Primary Presenter: Megan Formato, Program in Writing and Rhetoric)

Acing Your Interviews (8/21) This session covers all aspects of interviewing: phone, Skype, in person and during the campus visit. You will practice answering common interview questions. Everyone improves with practice! (Primary Presenter: Urmila Venkatesh, BEAM)

Cover Letter Lab (8/28) The cover letter introduces you to the committee and connects your accomplishments to their job announcement. In this final session we will briefly review tips for writing cover letters, and then you will be able to work on your actual cover letters. You will get feedback from career coaches and from peers. Bring your laptop, drafts of letters, and the job announcements you are responding to. (Primary Presenters: Chris Golde & Urmila Venkatesh, BEAM)

Jumpstart Your Academic Job Search
Monday, Sept. 10 – Friday, Sept. 14. All day intensive week-long course. Free.

Week-long boot camp course that is practical and experiential, involving practicing and editing. You will work on both written and oral parts of your job search preparation, including CVs and cover letters; research, teaching and diversity statements; interviewing and the job talk. Experts from across Stanford will present and an interdisciplinary class of peers will support you. Open only to advanced doctoral students and postdoctoral scholars entering the faculty job market during 2018-19.

Registration is at and opens for PhD students on April 2 and for postdoctoral scholars the week of June 25. Sponsored by the Vice Provost for Graduate Education as part of SGSI.