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Families and parents play an important role in helping students plan for life after Stanford. They know their students best and can support them as they consider opportunities. BEAM assists in this effort by helping students explore career paths, identify opportunities, and develop their professional network. We are available and ready to help your student with their career journey in this ever-changing workplace landscape.

Ways to support your student

  • Support your student’s curiosity about their career options. Even if they enter Stanford confident in a career path, that may change. Be sure to let them know that’s OK.

  • Remind your student that professional skills can be developed in many ways. On-campus employment, student groups, internships, and summer jobs are great ways to build useful experience.

  • Encourage your student to find someone they trust to discuss their career options. Possibilities include faculty members, academic advisers, BEAM career educators, and Stanford alumni.

First Generation Students

BEAM offers specialized support for first-generation college students. If your student is the first in your family to attend college, please contact us to find out ways we can help them as they explore careers.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at