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Meaningful Work Kit

Meaningful Work Kit
The Meaningful Work Kit

Introducing a New Assessment Tool

Helping People Thrive

To have a successful and meaningful life, it is important for people to know what matters to them. The Meaningful Work Kit empowers people to identify and prioritize what is essential to them at their core, work cultures that are a fit for them, and skills they enjoy using. The Kit is a practical tool that gives people concrete and valuable insights that they need to understand and tell their story.



We've included our Meaningful Work Kit instructions and worksheets.

Coaching Conversations

Ensure individual sessions are engaging by implementing these best practices.

Group Facilitation Tips

The Kit is a fantastic tool for groups, so we've created a tips sheet to help you make the most of these discussions.

Kit Now Available

Thank you for your interest in the Kit! We are excited to be able to provide the Kit for purchase. The Kit is a set of three card decks, with directions and a solid box. The three decks are Core Values, Work Culture, and Skills. The decks can be used all together, to help people identify and narrow down what is important to them in a career. The decks can also be used separately for focused insight and conversation. There are a variety of ways to use the decks with individuals and groups, and they are adaptable to many settings.

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The Development of the Kit

The Meaningful Work Kit is an update and expansion of the Values Card Deck that was created at Stanford 10 years ago. For the update, Laura Dominguez Chan and Margot Gilliland, co-creators of the Kit, researched various publications, articles, and reports covering a variety of topics related to values, work environments, and skills. They used research that BEAM generated about how Stanford students define meaningful work, and they analyzed a variety of job postings, categorizing skills that employers ask for. Amy Brierley designed the look and feel of the cards and all collateral materials. Their joint vision was for greater personal and professional development for students, with a tool that is easy to use, comfortable, fun, and effective.