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Statement on Military Recruiters

Oct 6 2017

At BEAM, Stanford Career Education, which reports to the Vice Provost for Student Affairs, our programs and resources are designed to help students transform their education and ambitions into meaningful work over the course of their lifetimes.


As such, one of our major fall activities involves the presence of employers from a wide variety of organizations eager to share their career opportunities with students of all majors and degree levels.  Among the many representatives this year, we will be hosting recruiters presenting career opportunities in the military.  We know that their participation may raise questions and concerns due to continued restrictions on recruiting transgender people to serve in the military. 


At Stanford, we support our transgender, gender-diverse and non-binary community members, our military-affiliated and veteran communities and those who identify with both.  We admire and respect what they bring to Stanford, and we are proud of the contributions they make to our community and to society. 


It is, however, our practice to turn away organizations that do not follow our non-discrimination policies, which prohibit discrimination on the basis of age, religion, disability, ethnic background, national origin, gender (including gender identity and expression), race, sexual orientation, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by applicable law. 


Why, then, is the U.S. military still permitted to reserve recruiting space at Stanford? Federal laws require Stanford to host military recruiters or risk forfeiting federal funding. 


While we must follow federal laws, we continue to believe that barriers to opportunity for any of our students based on their gender identity are at odds with the fundamental values of our university.  


We care deeply about the wellbeing of all our students, alumni, and stakeholders. It is important for us that all members of our community feel included and valued at all times, and will continue to advocate for our values of diversity, equity and inclusion. We are here for you! Should you need assistance or want to discuss this matter further, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Susie Brubaker-Cole,

Vice Provost for Student Affairs.


Farouk Dey,

Associate Vice Provost and Dean of Experiential Education