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2020 PhD Pathways

PhD Pathways is a day-long career education conference for PhD students and postdocs from all disciplines.
Below are links to past Pathways conferences.
PhD Pathways 2020
PhD Pathways 2020 was cancelled in light of the university's directive to cancel large events during the Covid-19 Pandemic.
What’s the day like?
- Making Good Connections: An engaging reframe of networking with Dave Evans, popular Stanford instructor, creator of the Life Design Lab and author of the best-seller Designing Your Life
- Discovering Transferable Skills and Identifying Values: An introduction to recognizing your range of valuable skills and the values underlying your decisions, so that you know a good fit when you see it!
- Industry Experiences: Hear from PhDs, including many Stanford alumni, about their paths to meaningful work in biotech, communication, consulting, data science, entrepreneurship, foundations, education, government, and research beyond the professoriate.
- Special Topics: Demystifying the job search - international students and immigration considerations, internships, intersections of career searching and social identities, and developing the resilience to consider multiple paths and adapt to worklife beyond academia
- Telling Your Story to Get to Your Goal: Learning about the stories that employers and network connections find most compelling, and telling them so that they can advocate for you.
Do I need to attend the full day?
Since the conference is a sequenced daylong curriculum, with each session building on the one before, attendees must commit to attending the full day’s program.
Please contact Chris Golde: with any questions.

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