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We support career diversity, and we encourage you to imagine multiple possible futures. 

BEAM’s PhD & Postdoc team supports PhD students and postdoctoral fellows in their pursuit of meaningful work across all industries. We help you consider the many paths available to you, and help you land the opportunities you find within and beyond academia. 

We provide a range of services, including courses, workshops, and individual career coaching based on academic discipline and degree level. Our goal is to develop interconnected career communities that allow you to explore interests, seek opportunities, and develop professional connections.

How do we help?

  • Career workshops, including panels about industries, leveraging LinkedIn, interview tips, and writing your resume. Find upcoming events in Handshake.
  • Employer and alumni engagement. Read more about how to connect with alumni and employers, and find upcoming events in Handshake.
  • Our online guide with information about identifying interests, building networks, and applying for jobs both in academia and beyond. Find tips on resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn, interviewing, and negotiating - for jobs both in and beyond academia.
  • Coaching. You can make an appointment in Handshake to talk confidentially about whatever is on your mind. You are eligible for an unlimited number of appointments, and you can switch among coaches. PhD students can use us for a year after graduation. Some of the things you can do in a coaching appointment:
    • Document development and review - learn how to create resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles, and professional websites 
    • Interviewing & negotiating - practice telling your story and articulating your needs
    • Assessments -  identify your strengths, values, and interests, using CliftonStrengths, the Meaningful Work Kit, and Strong Interest Inventory
    • Building your network - exploring alumni databases, LinkedIn, and your own contacts
    • Creating personalized roadmaps and a game plan for moving your career forward

PhD students and postdocs get a weekly newsletter where we highlight upcoming events. Search in Handshake to find events, resources, job listings and to sign up for an individual coaching appointment. Check out BEAM’s general frequently asked questions here.

Meet our PhD Coaching Team:

Lance Choy
Associate Director of Career Communities - PhDs & Post Docs in Engineering & SE3
Email | Zoom

Chris Golde
Assistant Director of Career Communities - PhDs & Postdocs
Email | Zoom