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Courses & Programs

Stanford offers several courses designed to help students explore how their interests and passions can lead to meaningful work.


10 Jobs in 10 Weeks: Leveraging Your Liberal Arts Career
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Designed specifically for humanities students, this course connects the dots between the a liberal arts education and the working world. It’s designed to give students a taste of 10 career fields in just 10 weeks.

Each week, guest alumni or industry experts walk through their field—giving a glimpse into their jobs, providing a peek into what a typical day might look like, and delivering a hands-on project pulled from an actual workday. Representing industries like marketing & advertising, government, media & journalism, social impact, business, and more, these guest speakers will help you translate your coursework into professional options. More information can be found on the course website.

Priority given to undergraduate students in the humanities and arts.

For details, visit the course website. For the course schedule, visit Stanford Explore Courses

ENGR 311D: Portfolio to Professional: Supporting the Development of Digital Presence Through ePortfolios

This course guides graduate students in creating a professional ePortfolio and establishing an online presence. The course includes seminar-style presentations and discussions, opportunities for feedback with career mentors, classmates, alumni, employers, and other community members using think-aloud protocols and peer review approaches. Curriculum modules focus on strategies for telling your story in the digital environment, platform considerations, evidence and architecture, visual design and user experience. Open to all graduate students and majors.

For course details, visit the course website, and for the schedule, visit Stanford Explore Courses.

ME104B: Designing Your Life

This course is a partnership between Stanford’s dSchool, BEAM, and VPUE. It uses design thinking to address the “wicked problem” of designing your life and career.

The class offers a framework, tools, and most importantly a place and a community of peers and mentors where we’ll work on these issues through assigned readings, reflections, and in-class exercises. The course employs a design thinking approach to help students from any major navigatethe challenges of their twenty-something “Odyssey Years” and develop a constructive and effective approach to finding and designing their vocation after Stanford. Open only to Juniors and Seniors. For more information, visit the Designing Your Life course page.

ME 104S: Designing Your Stanford

This course, brought to you by Stanford’s dSchool, BEAM, and VPUE, uses a Design Thinking approach to help Freshmen and Sophomores learn practical tools and ideas to make the most of their Stanford experience. Topics include the purpose of college, major selection, educational wayfinding, and innovating college outcomes - all applied through an introduction to Design Thinking. This seminar class incorporates small group discussion, in-class activities, field exercises, personal reflection, and individual coaching. For more information, visit the Designing Your Stanford course page

PWR 91OID: Creating Your Digital Story: Learn How to Build Your Online Identity and Why it Matters

Have you ever Googled yourself? If so, what information about you rises to the top? A picture of you in your band uniform from your high school? A poem you wrote and published on your Tumblr? Maybe your scores from a 5K you ran last year? nnIt might seem like you don¿t have much control over what you see about yourself in a Google search, but the fact is, you do. The more that you create your own content, the more that your self-created information will rise to the top. Through learning the theories, tools, and techniques behind digital image management, this class will help prepare you for curating your digital self. In so doing, we can get better connected with the individuals and/or organizations that interest us. nnWe will practice several pragmatic techniques for building our own personal ePortfolio (i.e. a website). Through participating in hands-on activities, storytelling exercises, and in-class discussions, you will have the opportunity to enact what we¿re learning and to experiment with different forms of expressing yourself online.

For course details, visit the course website, and for the schedule, visit Stanford Explore Courses.


Throughout the year, banner events provide a variety of ways to engage with communities at Stanford. The annual banner events below are tailored for students and developed to support their diverse interests. Together with our meetups, labs, and Venture events, they contribute to a full calendar of opportunities all year.

Frosh Winter Warm Up

Frosh Winter Warm Up welcomes the frosh class to their career community and the resources available to them. Attracting hundreds of students every year, this rite of passage connects students to their Career Community Team, campus partners, alumni, upperclassmen, opportunities, and their peers through various activities. 

Expert in Residence

The Expert in Residence program hosted by the Frosh/Soph Career Community Team invites notable alumni from various career fields – ranging from arts to finance - to campus to discuss their work with students. Often including experiential activities simulating their work, these alumni take an active role in helping undeclared students discover their interests and learn about the world of work. Expert in Residence events are held throughout the academic year.

Pre-Opportunity Job Fair Event (OJF) Engineering

This event takes place BEFORE the Opportunity Job Fair in January and brings employers, alumni, and students together for resume reviews, interview preparation, and networking opportunities. Employers and alumni offer feedback during this event to better prepare you to engage with employers during the Opportunity Job Fair and beyond.

Engineering, and Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences: Energy Focused Program

This springtime event features faculty, alumni, and employers offering insight and perspectives around careers in energy. Check the Handshake events section for more information.