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Courses & Programs

10 Jobs in 10 Weeks: Leveraging Your Liberal Arts Career

Designed specifically for humanities students, this course connects the dots between a liberal arts education and the working world. It’s designed to give students a taste of 10 career fields in just 10 weeks.

Each week, guest alumni or industry experts walk through their field—giving a glimpse into their jobs, providing a peek into what a typical day might look like, and delivering a hands-on project pulled from an actual workday. Representing industries like marketing & advertising, government, media & journalism, social impact, business, and more, these guest speakers will help you translate your coursework into professional options. More information can be found on the course website.

ME 104S: Designing Your Stanford

This course, brought to you by Stanford’s dSchool, BEAM, and VPUE, uses a Design Thinking approach to help frosh and sophomores learn practical tools and ideas to make the most of their Stanford experience. Topics include the purpose of college, major selection, educational wayfinding, and innovating college outcomes - all applied through an introduction to Design Thinking. This seminar class incorporates small group discussion, in-class activities, field exercises, personal reflection, and individual coaching. For more information, visit the Designing Your Stanford course page

Frosh Winter Warm Up

Frosh Winter Warm Up welcomes the frosh class to their career community and the resources available to them. Attracting hundreds of students every year, this rite of passage connects students to their Career Community Team, campus partners, alumni, upper-level students, opportunities, and their peers through various activities. 

Behind the Scenes

The Behind the Scenes program hosted by the Frosh/Soph Career Community Team invites notable alumni from various career fields – ranging from arts to finance - to campus to discuss their work with students. Often including experiential activities simulating their work, these alumni take an active role in helping undeclared students discover their interests and learn about the world of work. Behind the Scenes events are held throughout the academic year.