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Industry Specialists

Employer Relations & Otucomes (ERO) is your team for customized industry connections and employer engagement.  Our team of experienced career educators is dedicated to connecting students with employers. Industry Specialists help connect students to career opportunities by helping employers identify the optimum ways to promote your employment brand on campus.

Social Impact

Stanford students crave meaningful work.  If you are an organization with a social impact lens, whether a not-for-profit, B Corp, government agency or a company with a corporate social responsibility focus - we are here to help you learn the best ways to engage with your target Stanford students.

Programs and Events

Strategic Alliances with Stanford campus organizations such as the Haas Center for Public Service, the Center for Philanthropy and Civil Society and the Office of Religious Life allow for co-sponsored programs to offer students opportunities with a focus on social impact. 

A variety of additional campus events are available, including niche career fairs, networking events, expert panels, career exploration meetups, and more.

Tech & Startups

Innovation and entrepreneurship have long been a key part of the Stanford environment. Whether you are a tech company, venture capitalist or startup, we are happy to help you connect with your target Stanford students.

Programs and Events

Unplugged at Stanford

Info session 2.0 on the farm

Companies showcase themselves through a 1:1 conversation via Google Hangouts and conveniently participate from wherever they are in the world – questions are crowd sourced during a live broadcast. The conversation is recorded for students to view at a later date through YouTube.


A series of on-campus events for tech companies that hire non-technical students.

One of the most popular events we host is Tech for Liberal Arts. It's a showcase of tech employers recruiting for non-technical roles. This informal networking night is smaller than a career fair and more personal than an info session. Past attendees have included Medallia, Tesla, SpaceX, LinkedIn, Microsoft and AT&T.

Stanford University Startup Career Fair 

Held once in the Fall and Winter quarters this event is designed specifically for emerging companies, early stage start-ups and entrepreneurs to engage, connect, and recruit Stanford students.  The format and layout allows attendees the opportunity to share information about their company story, mission, and/or products with all in attendance. Check Handshake for up-to-date registration information.

ip have long been a key part of the Stanford environment. Whether you are a tech company, venture capitalist or startup, we are happy to help you connect with your target Stanford students.

Creative Industries

Stanford University is a place where the spirit of collaboration and innovation is integrated into a campus culture that is rich in arts and history. The result is a cross-disciplinary art program that often yields surprising results. If you are a business or non-profit organization interested in meeting students that take a unique approach to the arts, you are in the right place.

Programs and Events

BEAM collaborates with Arts is my Occupation campus group, and Institute for Diversity in the Arts, with representatives from a variety of departments, programs and campus groups to develop events targeting students in the arts.

Student Associates

The BEAM Industry Associate Program is comprised of 8 current students who represent and support the industry interests of Stanford University students. Associates are the pulse of the student body at BEAM. They maintain strong relationships with student groups, build community around their industry and help keep their communities informed of current opportunities.