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2019 Program Schedule

PhD Pathways Schedule 2019

Keynote Lecture

Dr. Danielle Harlan

Author of The New Alpha: Join the Rising Movement of Influencers and Changemakers Who are Redefining Leadership

Founder and CEO of the Center for Advancing Leadership and Human Potential


The Academic as an Entrepreneur

Terri Givens - PhD in Political Science

Founder and CEO of the Center for Higher Education Leadership

Dr. Terri Givens was a successful academic going from being an assistant professor at University of Washington, to Vice Provost and full professor at the University of Texas at Austin, to Provost at Menlo College. However, she always heard the siren call of entrepreneurship which led her to start an LLC while in Austin, and now she is the CEO for The Center for Higher Education Leadership. She will describe how her academic background has led to her current position and will also discuss the nuts and bolts of starting a company.

Transferable Skills for PhDs

Peter Fiske - PhD in Geochemistry and Materials Science

Director of the Water Energy Resilience Research Institute (WERRI), Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, and nationally-recognized author and lecturer in entrepreneurship and personal career strategy

The PhD experience involves years of study and training in which you develop a set of highly-specialized technical skills and experience to prepare for a career in research. It is natural for PhDs to feel that these technical skills are the most valuable thing they can offer a potential employer. But in reality, PhDs possess a range of valuable "transferable skills" that are highly sought after by employers outside of academia. In some cases, these skills may be MORE important to potential employers than your research expertise. In this lively and interactive workshop, career strategy author and lecturer Dr. Peter Fiske will help you “unpack” your PhD and identify the broader set of skills and experience you developed while in grad school, and specific strategies for describing those transferable skills to potential employers.

Recognizing our space: Responding to microaggressions as a target and ally

Joseph Brown - PhD in Psychology

Associate Director, Stanford Diversity and First-Gen Office

Graduate students from diverse backgrounds interact with individuals who, while we may consider them as members of ally communities, do not consistently act as allies. This workshop will provide attendees with scenarios that identify supportive approaches for responding to microaggressions both as a target and ally. Attendees will discuss examples of this challenge and possible methods to responding in constructive ways. Interactive activities include role-plays, scenarios, and vignettes in which participants can learn how to model “in the moment” response strategies.

Growing Resilience under Stress

Adina Glickman - MA in Social Work

Director of Learning Strategy Programs, Founding Director of the Stanford Resilience Project 

What if you found out that every setback you’ve ever endured produced some of your best qualities? Everyone fails at something; it's what we learn from these setbacks that deepen and propel us forward. This interactive workshop will give participants an opportunity to see how their own stories of failure can become tools for growing resilience.

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