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PhD Pathways Team 2019

Our Team 

PhD Pathways is organized by a team of PhD students, postdocs and staff under the leadership of BEAM, Stanford Career Education.

Conference Leads

 Anna Kietrys, Postdoc, Chemistry

Anna enjoys organizing the PhD Pathways conference for the fourth time. She is a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Chemistry, in the field of chemical biology, under supervision of professor Eric T. Kool. Anna works on interdisciplinary projects, exploring the role of epitranscriptomic modifications in nucleic acid repair pathways and modulation of RNA structure and function in the living cell. She completed her PhD at the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences in Poznan, Poland. She loves spending her free time with friends, swimming and biking.


 Shengjun (Sophia) Qin, 5th year PhD, Nanotechnology

Shengjun (Sophia) is an enthusiast for tackling real world problems with emerging technologies. She is working on next-generation memory technology and its heterogeneous integration for data-driven applications. Prior to Stanford, she received an M.S. in electrical engineering from Tsinghua University, China, and a B.S. with honors in electronics science and technology from Southwest Jiaotong University, China. This is her first year on the PhD Pathways organizing committee. She is very excited to co-chair it and work with this amazing team. When she’s not in lab, she enjoys traveling, hiking and playing Guzheng.

Organizing Team

Gabriela Badica, 5th year PhD, Division of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages

Gabby Badica is a PhD student in the Division of Literatures, Cultures and Languages. Her thesis is on the 2008 financial crisis in Spain, and she teaches undergraduate students Romance languages at Stanford. Before studying at Stanford, she received her BA and MA from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. Gabby’s other interests include communications and large scale event organization, which she often does at Stanford as a Graduate Housing Head Community Associate, Graduate Student Council Social Chair, and at the Graduate School of Business. 


 Megan Dino, Assistant Director of Career Ventures - Business, Consulting, Finance & Government, BEAM, Stanford Career Education

Megan brings experience from public and private sectors prior to working in higher education. She most recently designed career programming via employer networking and coaching for over 3,000 College of Business students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, preparing them for positions in financial services, technology, consulting, and marketing. Prior to career services, Megan led the marketing, operations, and guest services teams of a joint venture between the University of Illinois and Fox-Atkins Development, LLC at the UI Research Park. She has also worked in the tech sector overseeing government accounts including NASA, the Department of Energy labs, U.S. Army, and the CDC. Megan earned her Ed.M. in Education Policy and B.S. in Management-Entrepreneurship from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


 Chris Golde, Career Educator, BEAM, Stanford Career Education

Chris has worked for over 25 years in graduate education, as a student, faculty member, administrator, advocate, researcher, and scholar. Currently, she is a career coach specializing in PhD students and postdoctoral scholars, at BEAM, Stanford Career Education. Before joining BEAM, she served as Associate Vice Provost for Graduate Education in the Vice Provost for Graduate Education office at Stanford, Senior Scholar at the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, and a faculty member at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is a Stanford alumna:  PhD, education, 1996 and MA, sociology, 1994. 


M. Ragan Hart, Postdoc, Biomedical Data Science

Ragan is an applied health economist developing value evidence for emerging healthcare technologies. She received her BS in exercise science from Auburn University, and an MS in genetic epidemiology and PhD in public health genetics with a concentration in health economics from the University of Washington. She is passionate about clinical genomics and emerging biotechnologies to inform innovative healthcare solutions and health policy. Ragan readily appreciates business development and market access strategy for biotechnology and academic partners. She enjoys engagements regarding biotechnology, entrepreneurship, and the applications of biomedical science. Outside of work she enjoys reading (non-fiction, presently!) and hiking.


Dulcie Head, 5th year PhD, Geophysics

After finishing undergrad at Pomona College, Dulcie started to pursue her PhD in Geophysics. She explores how fluid-rock interactions change the physical properties of the rocks in the lab. She has always had a passion for event planning and organization, which led her to serve as an off-campus housing community associate and now to contribute to organizing the PhD pathways conference. She also loves to dote on her cat, Sam!



 Marisa Hom, 5th year PhD, Chemical and Systems Biology

Marisa received her B.S. from UC Berkeley in molecular toxicology, and is currently pursuing her PhD in Chemical and Systems biology, where she utilizes chemical tools to gain biological insight. She complements her life of science with a healthy dose of fitness and an unhealthy consumption of boba. Marisa is excited to be a part of the wonderful PhD Pathways team for her second year!


 Irene Li, 3rd year PhD, Cancer Biology

Irene is excited by intersections and new applications of skills and methods both in life and in research. In the lab, she integrates experimental models and systems biology algorithms to study lung cancer, always searching for new ways to synthesize, analyze, and interpret data. This is her second year on the PhD Pathways team, and she has been involved with Stanford Medicine’s sustainability efforts, a student-led biomedical computation conference, and the Rains graduate student neighborhood. She received her BS in genetics and global public health from Michigan State University (2016). When she’s not in lab, Irene is an avid painter, runner, and hiker.


Jana Meiser, 3rd year PhD, Chemistry

Jana is a physical chemist studying molecular reaction dynamics. She has a passion for developing prototypes for experiments in the lab and always looks to face new challenges in different areas of chemistry. She completed her M.S. in material and nano chemistry in Hannover, Germany before moving to Stanford, where she particularly enjoys the international and open work environment. In her free time, Jana loves to plan big events - she is excited to be a part of organizing PhD Pathways 2019 and to meet speakers and attendees!


Anjli Patel, 3rd year PhD, Chemical Engineering

Anjli is a chemical engineer with a passion for promoting widespread sustainable energy production. She received a B.S. in chemical engineering at Drexel University and is currently pursuing a PhD at Stanford. Through her research, Anjli applies computational quantum chemical methods to design active yet economical catalysts for electrochemical reactions used for carbon-neutral energy conversion. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, cooking, and gardening, and she’s excited to be a part of the PhD Pathways organizing committee!


Rozario Thomas, Postdoc, Cancer Biology

Rozario is originally from Chennai, a coastal city in southeast India, and currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Stanford Cancer Institute. The main objectives of his research are the identification of novel drug targets for Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML), a type of blood cancer. When not in lab, Rozario enjoys reading about and watching baseball.


Murphy Temple, 5th year PhD, History

Murphy is a PhD candidate in the History department, specializing in modern British history. With a particular interest in war, commemoration, and memory, she is writing a dissertation on British spiritualism during the First World War. She received a BA in history from Yale University and an MPhil in Modern European History from the University of Cambridge. Before coming to Stanford, she taught history and coached crew at Phillips Academy Andover, a boarding school in Massachusetts. Outside of dissertation-writing, she enjoys powerlifting, baking, running, and listening to podcasts.


 Joshua Yim, 5th year PhD, Chemical and Systems Biology

Josh is a chemist working on developing chemical tools which highlight tumors, and is excited at the prospect of his work being translated into the clinic. He received his BA in chemistry from Cornell University (2010) and spent time conducting research in Germany (and traveling in Europe) before starting his PhD at Stanford. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time in the ceramics studio and taking pictures of his creations. This is his fourth year organizing PhD Pathways, and he is excited to be on the team again! 


 Li Zeng, Postdoc, Chemical Engineering

Li Zeng received his PhD in Applied Physics from Northwestern University and is currently a postdoctoral research fellow in the Department of Chemical Engineering. Li has a background in employing synchrotron X-ray techniques to characterize novel electronic materials. At Stanford, he is developing an atomic layer deposition approach to synthesize 2D materials. Outside of work, he enjoys playing tennis, watching movies and sports, and exploring new restaurants with friends. His favorite soccer team is AC Milan and favorite tennis player is Roger Federer.


Phd Pathways Team Fun Photo 2019


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