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Virtual Spring Career Fair

We hope you enjoyed the fair!

Please feel free to drop us a note and let us know about your experience!

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BEAM Partners Attending the VSCF!


How to prepare for a virtual career fair!

What are employers saying about recruitment?

Monica from Bain & Co. is recruiting for Fall.

Ali from Bank of America offers advice for a virtual career fair.

Allie from Deloitte encourages students to attend the fair.

Erin from Sandia Labs reveals positions being recruited.

Amanda from StartX speaks about changes in recruiting.

Amanda from StartX on changes to summer plans.

Would you like to explore careers or find a job/internship?

The Virtual Spring Career Fair is a wonderful opportunity for you to connect with employers in a convenient and effective way. There will be access before the fair to employer information, current postings, recruiter bios, and more! This will enable you to create a targeted strategy for communication, while leaving space for serendipitous connections with other employers.

Before the Fair

Okay! How do I navigate a virtual career fair?

We are excited about this new format, and hope you'll take advantage of this opportunity to interact with employers who are seeking candidates for their positions. To make the most of your career fair experience, we recommend you watch the 5-minute tutorial video to learn how the virtual fair works. Once you've watched the video, you will have a better sense of the flow of the event and feel more confident in how to navigate the experience. 

During the Fair 

  • View the employer profiles you'll find on the platform to find out when they are holding chat sessions.
  • Join in on group conversations with other students and learn from the Q & A. Be ready to ask your questions in a group context by learning about the employers via their profiles.
  • Message recruiters privately during the fair to set up appointments to have individual meetings via chat or video. Be sure to also watch for recruiters who contact you for private conversations. Be prepared to ask your questions of individual recruiters to make a great impression!
  • Ask for contact information and express interest in their organization at the end of your conversations.

After the Fair

I'm an employer and am interested in attending!

We are excited to offer you this opportunity to save on travel and planning costs and still fulfill your hiring needs with top talent. From the comfort of your home office, you will be able to connect in real-time with Stanford students and alumni from all majors and degree levels, all actively seeking jobs and internships. 

Getting started with the virtual fair platform, CareerEco, is a quick process – it only takes about 15 - 30 minutes to complete your profile. You can customize your profile with graphics, add video and create accounts for individual reps. 

For tips, tutorials and answers to your technical questions, be sure to check out our Employer FAQs.

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